11 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas You Really Need

You don’t need to spend a ton to say a whole lot. Get inspired with our AFFORDABLE Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas that will still make your S.O. feel special.

1. Funky Earrings

Pretty threaders with a cool, geometric detail will certainly go over well for someone with pierced ears.

2. A Pretty Pony Accessory

A scrunchy that looks like a trendy tied scarf is the perfect addition to a low-key outfit.

3. Gold-Dipped Crystals

Anyone who’s into spirituality will love these heeling crystals with a sparkling metallic trim. They make great accent pieces.

4. A Cheeky Game

These faux match sticks will encourage you both to try new things and support each other with lovely suggestions that will bring you closer together.

5. A Monogrammed Mug

If your partner is a coffee drinker, a personalized mug with golden details will help them start the day.

6. A Gem-Like Popsocket

If their phone is basically just an extension of their arm at this point, they’ll appreciate a stick-on that looks pretty and helps their grip.

7. A Chic Beret

Get them a sweet winter hat they can incorporate into their lewks on snowy days—that way, they’ll never have to deal with hat hair.

8. An Adorable Tech Pouch

A dog person will certainly enjoy this very sweet pouch for headphones and other cords.

9. Seasonally Appropriate Socks

If they totally get into the V-Day spirit, a pair of socks with heart details will go over super well.

10. A Siny New Bottle Opener

A gold bottle opener will excite any beer, cider, or old-school soda drinker.

11. Metallic Clips

Pretty rose-gold slider clips are a great gift for anyone growing out bangs, or constantly sweeping their face-framing layers behind their ears.



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