40 Amazing Nail Designs Ideas To Make Your Nails Look Trendy

Nails are one important part of women’s finger. Long or short, it is important to keep it trimmed and polished and perfect. Nails can develop infections and can cause other problems too. That is the reason for us taking a million steps like a pedicure, manicure and other nail treatments. We try a million things to make the nails look amazing. We use natural methods like aloe vera and other oils to do the same. The final touch is polish. There are a lot of colours, coats and even stickers. You can also use a combination of colours to get what you need on your nails. Most important thing is to keep your nails really clean and healthy and proper.

There are a million colours that go well with each other. Every single combination can look good on your nails.

1. A single cool colour

It is quite easy to fill polish the nails with one single colour. Different people have different skin tones and nail texture. The colour you need to put to get an amazing nail design should suit both. Trendy black nails suit some people while some people love peach on their fingers. Just make sure the right colour is chosen and applied on your nails perfectly.

2. Alternate

There are very cool nail designs in which you paint the first, third and fifth finger in one colour and the rest in the other colour. The colour should be a combination of each other and also a good fit for your skin.

3. The glitters

The next thing glitters. You can paint one entire nail with just glitters. This will make your nail look shiny and great.

4. Glitter coat

The glitters are available in many colours now. This is just like nail polish and is applied just like it. This can help you come up with amazing nail design. Just get the colour that matches the main colour and coat it with the glitter coat.

5. Glitter and normal alternate

You can very easily alternate the normal colour and a very good glitter and make the nails look elegant.

6. Vertical lines

Using one colour to apply the main coat and the other to draw vertical lines. A dark and light colour perhaps will look good on any nail.

7. Horizontal lines

When you can paint vertical lines, you can draw horizontal lines too. Following the same pattern.

8. Zig-zag

You can paint the base with one colour and draw a zig-zag pattern on it. A white background with a blue pattern or anything that matches your party wear will make an amazing nail design.

9. Curves

Instead of drawing zigzag patterns, draw curves. The same colour patterns can help.

10 Glitter on some part

With one base colour, it is very easy to glitter strongly on the bottom or the top or one side of the nail.

11. Different shades

You can choose the different shades of the same colour in order to paint your nails. Say light pink on your little finger to the dark pink on your thumb. You can also use the glitters here and there in between.

12. The French manicure

The manicure can make your nails look baby pink and the tips become white. This makes the nails look perfect and natural. This is an amazing nail design.

13. Spots

This is a very easy design. You just have to make equal size dots on the nail. The colour that can match the background.

14. Different size spots

You can put the biggest spot in the bottom of the nail and keep reducing the size as you go up or vice versa.

15. A little heart

The heart, the symbol of love is very easy to draw. It is just 2 strokes of t the brush. Paint your finger in colour and then draw a small heart on the nail with any colour you need.

16. Curly pattern

This is quite easy. Just use a thin brush to make a random design on the plain colour. It may look random but is totally trendy.

17. Minion

Who does not like a minion. You can very easily paint a minion on your nail if you have a long one. All you may need is yellow and blue colour and white and black. You can draw minion very easily.

18. Nail stones

Nail stones always make an amazing nail design. These are small stones that can be placed on the finger and it can stick to it. You can place it in different patterns.

19. Pattern with the stones

You can easily fix the stones and make it into a pattern. Any pattern that can fit you. Put the stones in one corner of the nails or in the middle or in any way you need it to be.

20. Stone in the middle

You can put the nail stone in the middle and use any design or colour around it.

21. X- patterns

After the main coat, draw X patterns with a different colour.

22. V patterns

Just like X, you can draw V patterns. You can draw a V pattern on the main shade. You can also draw V inside the V and make an amazing nail design.

23. Vertical division

You can divide the nail into two or more parts vertically and use different colours.

24. Horizontal division

It is also easy to divide the nail into two horizontally. The 2 colours must fit your skin tone and also be a good combination for each other.

25. Half pattern

It is very easy to split the nail vertically into 2. You can make one side plain and the other side can have patterns. You can also use many colours and make your nails very colourful.

26. Triangles pattern

You can draw concentric triangular patterns throughout the nail.

27. X with glitters

Draw X and then colour all the 4 parts in different colours. The colours must be a good combination with each other.

28. Snowflake

With snow coming down in winters, you can match your nails. Snowflakes are just straight lines and strokes. Use a thinner brush to do the same.

29. Snowflakes and snow

You can also draw the snowflakes with spots here and there to look like snow.

30. Design the ring finger

With all the fingers polished neatly and the ring finger alone can have patterns and other things.

31. Polka dots

You can use polka dot designs. The base colours have to look perfect with the colour of the dots.

32. Egg break

The egg break is an easy zig-zag pattern. You can draw this pattern in a different colour and then use different colours on the top and the bottom.

33. Chessboard

You can draw small squares and alternate colours and make your nails look like a chess board. You can choose to use any 2 colours.

34. Crosslines

Drawing slanting lines can also make an amazing nail design. You can use alternate and combination colours.

35. Cross divide

You can divide the nails into 2 diagonally and use different colours on the 2 parts.

36. Nail stickers

There are many small and big nail stickers available. It is very easy to use. You just have to paint your nail and fix the sticker.

37. X and triangles

An X in the middles and the 4 different colours on the 4 divisions can be made to look like an amazing nail design.

38. Stars

Stars are very easy to draw. You can draw stars very easily on your nail using combination colours.

39. Using toothpick

Use one basic colour. Once this dries, top it with another colour. When the 2nd layer is half dry, use a toothpick to draw the pattern you need.

40. Silver lining

You can use gold or silver on the bottom of the nail and the other parts with a different colour. This is an amazing nail design.

There are different patterns to make your nails look amazing be it long or short.


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