The Best Short Haircut Ideas For Woman This Season

From pixie haircut to natural edgy haircut, there are a lot of gorgeous short haircuts that can make any woman look flattering. Shortcut hairstyles are not boring as long locks are no longer considered to be trendy. They look modern and make a woman look classy. Short cut hairstyle looks good on almost everyone; there are some cuts that look good only on certain face shapes. The best aspect of keeping a short hairstyle is that it requires low maintenance and is hardly going to be infected with dandruff or any other hair problem. If you are considering getting a short hair cut done but are not sure about the exact hairstyle that you want, then here are a few short haircut ideas for woman that can be considered.

Different short haircut ideas:

1. Short Hair With Bangs

Bangs can give life to any haircut, they are great for adding youth and for covering the hairline. Moreover, bangs can add volume to lifeless hair but they require maintenance. You will have to trim them every few weeks either on your own or at a salon.

2. The Pixie Cut

Pixie haircut is a classic that highlights your facial features. Also, it is known to be a low-maintenance cut that gives a proper frame to your face.

3. Edgy Pixie Cut

This pixie cut is quite cool and edgy and can suit a woman of any age. If you have natural grey hair, then this cut is perfect to embrace grey hair.

4. Long Pixie

All pixie cuts are not super short, you can add some layers that can add volume. It is best if you have thin hair and can add highlights to give it a more chic look.

5. The Shag Hairstyle

The best about the shag hairstyle is that it goes with every face shape. The shag hairstyle has a lot of choppy layers and it can be carried with a few curs and waves to give it a more modern look.

6. The Long Bob

The trend of having a long bob is quite old and it is a trend that will stay for a long time. This haircut is best for those who want longer hair that can be easily maintained.

7. A Casual Bob

Trendy Yet Casual Bob Haircuts For Chic Ladies

In a casual bob he parting can be changed to the middle, it gives quite a professional look.

8. Flipped-under Bob

Bob hairstyles look quite chic as they go with every face shape. Women with a nice jawline and neck would look good in a bob haircut. Before getting this haircut done consider your personality.

9. Wavy Bob

Bob hair cut looks well with thick as well as wavy hair. It is a chin-length hair-cut which looks quite cute and elegant. The long wavy bob makes the frame of the face look beautiful.

If you want to a delicate and feminine look, then you try these short haircut ideas for woman as these hairstyles are quite versatile and look best on any occasion. Go chop your hair this season and give yourself a completely chic makeover. You can even try adding some highlights or colour to the hair, to enjoy the best look possible.


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